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Safety First….is Safety ALWAYS!

With a strong emphasis on Safety and Customer Satisfaction, our goal is expertise and professionalism as it pertains to all aspects of vegetation management. Pittman employees are trained to think and act safely from their very first day on the job. They receive training in safety, trimming techniques, and customer service on an on-going basis. Our TCIA Model Safety Program exceeds both OSHA and ANSI requirements. Our Director of Safety is not only a Certified Treecare Safety Professional (CTSP), but also a Virginia Intermediate Work Zone Instructor and a Certified Instructor in CPR & First Aid through the American Red Cross. This emphasis on safety not only benefits our employees, but also our clients in terms of service and cost.

What is a CTSP?

CTSP stands for Certified Treecare Safety Professional and is a specialized licensure and accreditation program offered through the Tree Care Industry Association (TCIA). More than a straightforward “safety trainer” credentialing program, CTSP teaches safety professionals strategies and tactics for changing the very “culture” of their organization. A Certified Treecare Safety Professional is able not only to coach his/her team in safe work practices, but also work to change attitudes about safety and motivate other employees to want to participate. Companies with employees enrolled in the CTSP program are nearly four times less likely to experience a recordable accident (one that requires medical attention beyond treatment in the field) than companies without a CTSP on staff. Not only is our Director of Safety CTSP licensed, but this is actually a requirement for ALL of our Supervisors. We currently have four on staff in addition to our Director of Safety.

Focus on Prevention

Through our training programs recognized through the TCIA, Pittman’s has developed safe work practices designed to prevent accidents. Safety is a mental attitude that requires a conscious recognition of potential hazards and a knowledge of the proper techniques used to overcome potentially dangerous situations. These safety precautions are built into every task performed by our employees. A safe workplace for both the employee and the client is imperative.

Safety Guidelines and Regulations

Pittman’s follows industry standards for safe tree care and landscaping operations. These guidelines provide safety standards for workers engaged in pruning, repairing, maintaining, or removing trees. ANSI standards are the recognized safety standards for tree care. Pittman’s adheres to all the safety requirements in the U.S.. Our company shares similar goals with OSHA (U.S.) to reduce occupational injury. Pittman’s reputation among these agencies is excellent.

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