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Pittman’s employs a staff of highly knowledgeable field teams and certified arborists to assist you in all of your vegetation management needs.

Emergency Storm Services

• Despite the best efforts of a regular tree trimming program, the kind of tree damage caused by catastrophic weather events such as ice, snow, tornadoes or hurricanes are sometimes unavoidable. We are on call to serve you with experienced, well-trained crews and supervisors accustomed to hazardous situations.

Herbicide Application

• Our herbicide applications can be tailored to meet your needs and requirements. We offer experienced crews to insure safety and efficiency.


• All woody landscape plants, whether it be trees or shrubs, require routine pruning services. Whether services needed are for pruning of mature trees or young trees, we are here to help.

Tree inspections

• Our certified arborists are trained in assessing the overall overall health of the trees, look for signs of pest and disease infestations, identify any structural problems, and determine soil requirements.

Tree inventory

• It is imperative that our customers have the basic information on the plant population of their property. We can supply accurate information on plant quantities, location, condition, and size and maintenance requirements. Our staff can then make recommendations for a vegetation management program based on these findings.

Tree removal

• Tree removal are performed for a variety of reasons, from the elimination of dead and dying trees to eliminating competition so the remaining plants have more light and space to develop. Trees are also removed to allow for new construction, building additions, and to provide clearances with those structures. Our highly trained staff are here to assist you, whether the trees needing to be removed are in confined spaces or located near homes, utility lines, and other sensitive areas.

Customized lawn maintenance services

• We can provide custom, tailored lawn care maintenance services that you can rely upon. We provide mulching, mowing and many other services upon request.


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